Good Morning to you as well, SIR!

21 May


2am Arrive in London….#STRUGGLE ! Thank Goodness for Luke offering to pick us up from the airport and bring us back to winchester..Our other option was taking a bus that would take 4hours to get home NO THANK YOU!

So we get off the plane and get ready to go through border control…and let me give those of you that may have never traveled outside the US…Border control IS NO JOKE IN LONDON! Sit down, this is a long story but a valuable lesson for all!

So it’s 2 am, we are EXHAUSTED from our fun in Malaga and the sun… We are walking to the line where you get your passport out and the people in their little box scold you to make sure you aren’t going to harm the country…(which I’m glad I feel safe in these countries but COM’ON) So we accidentally went into the ‘citizen’ line…Oops we forgot where we were… so there’s the 1st red flag(right?) well this lovely old man let us through..but then this other guy that obviously HATED his life had to put us STUPID American’s in our place… This is where it get’s good everyone…Two people of our eight traveling with us were let through. One guy was already being interrogated and Then the rest of us (me being our ‘ring’ leader) were directed by the cute old man to go to this other guy together, I guess where we were all supposed to go in the 1st place…So we go over to him, I shoot him the award winning Smile and flutter eyes 🙂 I won him over no big deal..I’m a heart breaker lol ok but for real so he takes all of our passports and realizes that we are Americans and we all have different stamps from when we 1st arrived in London a few days prior. (2nd red flag) So then we had to explain to him why that was( apparently Studying abroad means something different over there and we didn’t have proper stamps, so he was nice in explaining why this was an issue blah blah asked us some questions and literally asked for our boarding passes to and from London, our itinerary, housing arrangements, etc I was like you’ve got to be kidding…but I guess we do look a little out of place…so he passes us all through…However, the guy that was being interrogated when the rest of us were escorted over to the other line was still being questioned…And here is where it gets good…So the security guy was giving my friend the 5th degree about how it wasn’t good enough that we only had a copy of our itinerary and not our actual boarding pass for our departure…The security guy was also yelling at him about all of us having different stamps on our passports…Out of control…We literally thought we’d have to leave our friend behind…so 3am finally gets there and our friend Luke picks us up and then gets a little lost…So we FINALLY made it to Winchester by 5am AWESOME! glad we have a presentation later today! oh and THE BOP! lol

Tyler and Jared will present on the  Soccer in the UK vs American FB… woot woot lets do it!



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