On our way to SPAIN

18 May


Sunday Arrive in Malaga, Spain!!!


Everything was DEAD, Sunday is the true day of rest! Lol Almost got arrested within the first hour we are there!…Only my life! lol

‘ So we get off the plane and we are so excited to be in Malaga! Then we are hit with the language barrier, we ask some random person how to get to the train so that we can get to the center of the city, hence that is where our hotel is located. The first group of people we met, couldn’t help us, the next person couldn’t speak well but understood what we wanted. He then leaded us to the right direction…We ran all the way there in hopes to catch the next train, to only realize we need help buying a ticket for the train! It’s not in English ‘stupid American’s’ ! lol So luckily there was a nice security guard that helped us get our tickets and we were on our way! With it being so late everything was dead, we were surprised in that we had heard that Malaga, was a big party city, we thought for sure there would be people out having a good time …it looked like a ghost town..It was so quiet it was almost creepy, good thing we had such a large group traveling with us. On our walk to our hotel we got a little lost but it wasn’t hard to find our way once we called our hotel and asked for directions! We walked in and it was so beautiful! It was resort style! In each room there was a bunkbed and 1 king size bed, the shower was resort style shower/tub there was a toilet and bedea ! High life over here in Malaga! Because we were so excited we couldn’t just go straight to bed. So a group of 5 out of the 8 of us that went decided to explore, go get some food and pick up a few items from the convenient store. Made a friend with Kabob owner! He was so sweet! Believe it or not I didn’t get a Doner! Don’t worry I’ll return for one! The city was so dead, we just went back to the hotel and hung out played some games and just relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. True bonding here! can’t wait for the beach all day tomorrow!

Sweet Dreams!


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