London (ROUND 1)

17 May

5/17/14 Saturday

8am start bright and early for LONDON

train station

I’m so excited to go to LONDON and see ALL THE THINGS!!!

OLYMPIC PARK?!!! who is excited?!

Olympicpark GROUP

I could have an entire post about this place! It’s amazing! I’m a little upset we weren’t able to go inside the track stadium but we got to see indoor cycling, handball, swimming, and all the landscaping and regeneration of the park for community and city of london! Pretty COOL!

Off to Lunch at the Mall (comparable to Mall of America) YUMMY food at the court Olive Oil, it was a Mediterranean grill DELICIOUS!!!…Highly Suggest it!

Now to our 1st Hostel! RestUp and it is time for a nap 🙂

rest up hostel1 THe restup hostel

We are so tired! thank goodness for the REST UP hostel!

Take a quick cat nap and on our way to see all THE THINGS!

big ben 1London Eye and Parlament

that’s all for today folks…Catch ya on the flip side 🙂


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