Fitness Craze!

14 May



Wake up and head to breakfast


Avery and Jill talk about Fitness crazes in US vs UK !!! Shout out to GIRLS ON THE RUN! and Girls in the game! oh and don’t forget CrossFit and Zumba! Sounds like the Uk has the same ideas but their own twist on them! Entertaining and insightful all the same! Thanks Ladies!


Surprise guest speaker Dr. Erik Anderson from Winchester Uni…Came at us with SHOCK value! Made you critically think of sport and defend your thoughts and feelings to the traditional love of sport culture. A US native of Cali former athlete and coach now turned scholar. He has research and publications to back him up and isn’t afraid to be who he is! Thanks for your time and thoughts.


Time for lunch and debrief from the morning while we wait to talk to the person in charge of all Uni sport.


3pm Wednesday is a RUGBY day!

What a great Scrum :)

What a great Scrum 🙂

Conner has played for years grown up around the game so he set up a training day for us and allowed us play a ‘tag’ game…He was such a good coach and surprisingly enough the Americans caught on quite quickly! Way to be! Coach Graziano would be so proud! We all had so much fun! I got to re-live my glory days and everyone else got a taste of what a ‘real’ sport is!

4:30 pm rolls around and we need to get ready for BOP including getting supplies for the night

We need to be ready to go by 7:30…well 7:20 rolls around and Jess and I are like WTF?!!! OMG we aren’t ready! hair goes up and luckily we don’t have to dress up!  We run to meet the English students and then we walk to the Pre-game BOP



The Pre-game is about 4 city blocks away..Uphill both ways lol

These Brits know how to get down! Turn down for what?! that’s there motto

9;30pm we start to head to BOP



BOP is where all of the athletes get together and party its one big dance party!!! Stus and Styx doesn’t have anything on this! SO MUCH FUN!!!!

I’m out ..PEACE OUT

Stay tuned for Thursday!



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