You’ve traveled a little too far East!

13 May

On the Plane!

Well we have made it safe and sound! Virgin air was very accommodating and friendly. The ride was smooth and I actually got about a 3 hour nap 😦 I’m in good spirits though! As I am walking off of the plane and into the hallway to take me to pick up my bag a man stops me in the middle of the way ..and the convo goes a little like this

Man: Excuse me miss(in a british accent)

Me: stops dead in my tracks thinking to myself, oh sh@ what did I do? and reply, ‘Yes?!’

Man: I think you’ve traveled a little too far East for Eastern Illinois University (then smiles from ear to ear)

Me: laughs oh really?! shucks oh well guess I’ll have to stay a bit!

Man: laughs Welcome to England enjoy your stay!


I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!! talk about greeting! I’ll take that any day!

Bus Station

Central Bus station

our bus isn’t scheduled to arrive for about 2 hours, so my friend Jess and I decide to begin our adventure by walking around enjoying the sunshine. It’s about 63 degrees outside but the sun feels warm on my skin and the cool air keeps me at a nice comfortable temp. We find this cute little cafe similar to our lovely Starbucks chain and we sit down with a dirty chai and for a moment I forget where I am…I am in LONDON!!!!! it was sad to be stuck at the bus station in the airport but cafe’s can make all the difference!

Coffee saves my life!

Coffee saves my life!

Outside the Airport in LONDON

Outside the Airport in LONDON


The bus finally arrives and literally I don’t know which was long the flight over or the amount of time the bus took to actually leave the airport! lol we were all ready to just sleep but it was mid day by the time we actually got to Winchester because it took about 1:15 hours to get to the city from london as it is located just south of the city.What better way to be welcomed then with a slight England drizzle! luckily our hosts had thought ahead and brought a minibus to pick us up with our luggage. They then brought us to the reception area where we signed our housing contract and received our keys! and yes they are true english old skeleton keys! HOW FREAKING PRECIOUS!

Once we finally got settled in John Batton(the leader here at Winchester) took us on a tour of campus. It’s quite small but so beautiful! There are so many hills and green everywhere! The students that are in the sport department are so nice! They said they will take us to town later and then potentially grab a beer from a local Pub! Who’s excited?! THIS KID!

So Some students took us to town and we were able to get some water and snacks or whatever else we needed 🙂 story from the grocery store…lol My friend Jess LOVES the yummy goldfish crackers that have become a staple in young American’s diets lol so of course she asks if they have anything like that but mind you chips are what we call french fries, crisps are our chips, and crackers are not what we deem as crackers…So it was hilarious when we asked about goldfish b/c the guy that was helping us was like you mean Tuna? haha then we found out that they have what is called Cheddar Minis which is the equivalent of goldfish crackers ….oh the barriers

After we checked out the students asked if we would like to grab a drink at a local pub just down the street in which we obliged! They took us to this cute place called The Old Goalhouse, JD Wetherspoon…in which they shorten and call it ‘Spoons’

Now let me tell you I’m not much of a beer drinking until recently, however every time I travel I must try the native beer or craft of the town because that’s the polite thing to do right?! So I walk up to the bar I ask my English friend Silas what he recommends in which he gives me 2 choices. Now if any one that knows me understands that when you give me choices I want both…because I don’t like to make decisions…So..(Very American like) I ask if I may sample both beers so that I can make an educated decision…fair enough right? well let me tell you the bartender looked at me with disgust and then gave me a sample. Then under her breath talked trash about me to the other bartender… needless to say I chose quickly after that…We found a table in which more students from the University came to visit and say hello to ‘The Americans.’ However, it came quickly that I would run into the jet lag brick wall lol….So me and my friend Jared decided to head back to our rooms and Silas offered to walk with us so as to not get lost. On our way the guys were hungry so we decided to stop at (American like) McDonalds…Their menu is quite different from ours and they actually have a vegetarian menu…I was so intrigued by this that (American like) I wanted a picture to send to my friends…lol in which the manager came out and put his hand up and said No you can’t take photos here! I thought he was joking…and my responses to jokes are ‘shut up!’ but I don’t really mean shut up I’m really saying no way lol so then he gets a very stern look on his face and proceeds to say excuse me…and then I have to have Silas come over to help me out of this little mess….ONLY ME?! ‘Stupid American! ‘

Stay tuned for tomorrow! Who knows what trouble I’ll get in! haha



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