Last day of Class

6 Jun

Wednesday June 1st


8am class

6th grade! What a great class! I loved the teacher and students! they were so well behaved and adorable! They had prepared 3 skits for us, all in english! oh and when we arrived at the school 2 students (class reps) met us at the door and handed us yummy chocolate and said how excited they were to have us visit. They then walked us to our classroom and made us feel right at home.

the nest class that we went to was out of control the teacher seemed timid and let the class ask as many questions as they wished. It was very different from the 1st class. The students also walked all over this teacher where as in the other class it was just the opposite..


After that class we were able to go get lunch…which was good it was stuffed peppers and rice and some veggies.  It was fabulous!


Then we had a wrap up session with the principals and teachers.  We got to ask questions as well as they asked us questions, which was interesting because every other meetings we had with schools they never asked us any questions. It was nice to be asked questions and to be able to have enough information to respond.


I was soooooooo exhausted it was ridic! I wanted to go back to the hotel and sleep my life away but we had to go to one more school.


zolbergschule(don’t quote me on that) it is a special school-state funded

It encompasses speech disorders, multiple disorders, physical, and cognitive disorders.  The students stay here from the beginning of their academic career and it ends here as well. They are set up with some companies that find work that they can do.


It was so interesting to see how segregated the schools were…(there will be a blog on just the school your confused)


We just get a tour of that school and have a 15min session with one of the principals.


Then to the hotel to change and there is a chocolate store that we’ve had our eyes on this whole trip and we must go to get some chocolate to bring home for our families. So we go on our way to the chocolate store when all of a sudden there is a man/hotdog stand! it was the best rotbrut I’d had since we had bbq in the park! and it was only 1.50 euro…where had he been the entire time we’d been there?! lol oh wel it was great! The chocolate store was overwhelming! there were so many types, shapes, sizes, weights. I couldn’t handle it…there was just to much! So I just picked up a few things that I could afford and I thought looked authentic…


Now back to the hotel to nap before we go out! our last night to go out! 😦


We wake up from our nap with just enough time to get ready!  We had to be at the train station at 7pm to meet up with a student teacher that we had met at the gymnasium(the 1st school we visited) …We met here hopped on the train to to stuttgart we went!

We met some of her friends and we went to a cute little bar/diner. It was so chic but well within our price range! Oh and it was happy hour so drinks were half price! So exciting!!! I tried a drink called Blade…it was fabulous! I had an entire small pizza to myself NBD… 🙂 I ate it all! it was sooo good!

Then after we all became friends some of the teachers left, while the rest stayed behind to take us to a club… which turned out to be more like a bar with music…lol it was fun though it played classic rock songs and ironically enough the name of the club was Classic Rock…So it was fun I found a few candidates for husbands….all of which were absolutely gorgeous and soo cute with their german accents! YUM! I had a blast hanging with the girls and dancing to my own beat of the drum.


We caught the last train back to Esslingen and fell fast asleep!


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