Ludwigsburg-Fairytale garden

29 May

Friday- 27th

Today we take the train to Ludwigsburg which is just a 30min train ride! 🙂 It drops us off at the main station where we can catch the bus or we can walk. It’s nice outside so we decide to walk….The main thing that I absolutely love about the culture is that they value their history the roads are still brick and the houses maybe 100s of yrs old but they are still in great condition and gosh its just so BEAUTIFUL!

We come to the palace and woah! it looks like it was just constructed! but its 100s of yrs old! but wow its fabulous! The inside is just as it was in the past looks like no one has touched it! I truly feel like a princess walking through her palace. Basically I was in HEAVEN! lol

Then attached to the palace are many beautiful gardens one of which is called fairytale garden…or something to that effect..Its sooo cool their was a Pinocchio, Rumplestillskin, and Rapunzel..It was so fun I was like a small child again!

We stopped in the garden for cake and coffee! or a sad excuse for coffee and cake! it was cafeteria style and the cake wasn’t the best not bad but I was also STARVING so I went back and had a salad! Delicious! lol

We caught the train back to stuttgart to get some CREPES!!!! DELICIOUS!!! then shop shop shop! then back home to get some delicious DONER….Do NOT judge me! yes I’ve eaten like 20 in the past 2weeks but I have to get my fill b4 I leave bc these delicious things do NOT exist in the US 😦

Then back to esslingen an to bed we go! 🙂


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