22 May


So this day started off as an EPIC FAIL bc I was suppose to visit my friends in Paderborn and I waited to long to book my tickets and long story short it became way to expensive to go and I was hoping to stop by to visit my family also…EPIC FAIL oh well here we go!!!!

Heres how my day went

Wake up breakfast 🙂

While at breakfast we try to figure out what we would like to do for the day…Seeing how it is to expensive I can’t visit my family or friends in paderborn I will stay with the group and go to stuttgart or we can figure out an adventure near by…

310 STEPS!

Well I talk it over with Bettina and come to find out that some of family lives near Strasbourg, which is in France…So we do some major searching online for train tickets but bc its late notice its going to cost about 80 euro plus a 16 euro charge bc in order to get the “deal” we’d have to b 6 traveling and not all of us wanted to go…Long story short we decided to just stay around Esslingen and our prof. Bettina gave us a scavenger hunt!

It was so fun it started in Esslingen..We had to count the stairs leading to the castle and we had to find all the canons when we reached the castle…then we had to figure out where the oldest house and street.  After We had to get on the train to Stuttgart and find things there like the palace, porsche museum, shopping center, and become familiar with transportation. We did soooo well!!!! lots of fun!

Then we came back to the hotel and PASSED OUT!!! lol like for 3hrs! lol FUN

Porsche Museum!

Woke up to go to the cafe in our park…We had the NICEST waitress EVER! She helped us speak German correctly and we taught her some English! it was soo awesome she was soooo nice! and the food was FABULOUS! I got Jagerschnitzel wit spatzle and salad! SO YUMMY!!!!!!!! Oh and I got a Colawizer (cola/beer) best invention EVER! lol

OH and side note the waitress turned out to be a teacher…lol so of course she helped us! lol

Randomly we saw some lights in the distance and thought we would go on an adventure but on our way we had to go to the bathroom…those of you who know Europe isn’t known for public restrooms you can’t just go into a gas station and use their bathroom! So we head back to the hotel..it also looks like rain so it would be better to head home…on our way randomly this guy comes up to us speaking clear english and asks for a lighter…Apparently he’s visiting from Cali! random right? and His next stop is in Berlin so I tried to tell him some bars but I wasn’t much help bc I couldn’t remember names for the life of me! lol oops! oh well! NBD


Well off to bed! I get to sleep in tomorrow! yay!!!!!


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