Primary school

21 May


Standard wake up, eat breakfast, catch the bus

As we walk up to the school, which is on the side of a “hill” aka mountain! that  you have to climb up the stairs but the school is extra CUTE! I loved it!!!!

We went to a 1st grade English class where we saw the students told us their names in English and they sang songs as well! then I got to read a story aloud to them! They are so fearless and loved us! It was so much fun!

Primary school

Then we got a tour of the school and got to see some extra curricular things the school provides.

We had lunch a local university where the students get their lunch…they held our hands and walked us there! like how cute right?!

We were in line for food and the people were rude! but whatever we didn’t speak well so it was kinda our fault….(itd be the same in America!) We got our food it was great…but we were late for our meeting with the principal….and did i mention late?! oh and did I mention that Germans are VERY punctual and when you are late…they aren’t happy?!!! We got to ask good questions and got great answers…

Then we were done…got on the bus came to change at the hotel and made our way to the middle of Esslingen where our Medieval tour began! so awesome except half way through we got rained out! like WTF?! really rain really? oh well the lady was nice and told us fun stories

Information place


Pretzel (means crossed arms?!)

The story she told was that some baker needed to  make some tasty bread with 3 holes in it and he told his wife and his wife got upset crossed her arms and began yelling at him…and now we have DELICIOUS snack!

(the other story that we heard on the street was that the devil came to town and said if you dont make me a bread with 3 holes I’ll kill the whole town so a baker poked 3 holes into a piece of dough and now we have the pretzel….)

Personally I like the 1st story…

The other story that our guide told us was about Esslingen (sometimes referred to as onions)

The story goes like this…

The devil came to town in search for a yummy red apple.  He dressed up as a common person and went to the market. The stand in which he stopped at the lady was much to smart and gave him a red onion instead of an apple. He yelled and called them onions and ran away to the near by city Stuttgart.

I still like the pretzel story better!

so since we couldn’t finish our tour or go to the castle and have dinner like we planned we decided to go back to the hotel and figure out where to get dinner…

White asparagus with a yummy crepe and hollindais sauce

It stopped raining and we decided to eat inside at this famous chicken place…It was alright…could’ve been better I got white asparagus….I went out on a limb…I mean but lets face it there’s not much food I don’t like It wasn’t prepared correctly as I was told after I had eaten half of it…lol but oh well you live and you learn…everything else was good. 🙂

Then we went back to the hotel and were going to go on an adventure to the grocery story for chocolate and gummy bears…Well it was closed so we went and got ice cream instead!


When I was high on life!

I’m sure people thought we had been drinking! we had blast and thats all that matters! Off to bed! CLIMBING PARK TOMORROW! who is excited! THIS KID!!!!!


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