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31 May

Monday-May 30th

So its 7:50am and theres a knock on the door….We open it to one of our classmates saying that we have to catch the bus at 8:15am….NBD Needless to say I rocked the ponytail and no make up…..cute I know 🙂


We arrived at the school to realize that we were super early so we chilled outside on the larger than life itself playground!


The school actually is the most colorful and largest that we’ve visited…their gymnasium is also large and has a lot of room for equipment.


This particular school is a grundeschule and hauptschule put together so there are about 480 students and about half are in the grundschule part and the other half are hauptschule.  This is the first time that I’ve seen diversity of teachers…there are more diverse students in the classroom with race and size/shape….

The PE classes that I got to observe were very interesting! the 1st one the teacher didn’t have ANY control of her class but they played fun games oh and they ran 3 killers( which are like buildup ladders) I didn’t do those until hs in my sports and they were usually for punishment!) lol these 1st graders did them NBD…..

The next class was an indian/african American teacher who had a gentle voice but had complete control of his class….And they began to do track things like sprints, long jump, and I’m sure that if they would’ve been better behaved they would’ve had the chance to do shot put with tennis balls 😦 sad day 😦 i was waiting like a child on xmas eve waits for xmas morning! lol

long jumping

All in all it was great day! Then we we went back to the hotel to grab lunch then off to the mercedes benz museum 🙂 so we get on the train….only to get to the museum to find out that its closed on MONDAYS 😦 sooo sad! So quick on our feet we decide that we should go to a dinosaur museum…which ends up also being closed on mondays….So after brainstorming we decide to just go back and get ice cream! Have I mentioned that I prolly gained back all 20lbs that I’ve lost! lol NBD all worth it! I LOVE GERMANY and its WONDERFUL food! lol well truth of the matter is that I LOVE FOOD in general….My clothes still fit…so thats a good a sign right?


Ok so I may or may not have given up euros for food and bought the CUTEST maxi dress! it looks SO german! and I’m in love…so much that I will prolly go hungry thursday and friday! lol oops Its all about being a poor college student right?!


Well we go back to the hotel grab some money so we could go to the grocery store to pick up food for our picnic at the castle! Who is excited!!!! PICK ME PICK ME!!!


We got our picnic(enough for 3 of us) for 15euro! thank you REVE!!! lol that is complete with grapes, bananas, fresh rolls, salami,ham, 2types of cheese, beef jerky, and drinks! (aka H2O)

1/2 of us walk up to the castle while the other take the bus…we meet in the courtyard of the castle where we picnic and later have class with Bettina. It was simply fabulous!


Then off to bed bc we leave at 7:30am….ouch thats ok we can do it!


Monkeys!!!!!Lake of Constance

31 May

Sunday 29

So we have been on the road for what seems like FOREVER!!! but I am all caught up on my blog! 🙂 I know I know Everyone is excited! lol


oh and side note: no advertisement on autobahn b/c they value their landscape! Like wow Germans have it together! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Germany???!!!!


Ok so before we arrive at the lake, which just so happens to be THE LARGEST lake in central EUROP! NBD! We go to a monkey habitat!

Now before you go judging me and my study abroad planner! It’s probably by far the CUTEST thing besides the fairytale land that I’ve done AND I was literally inches away from the monkeys AND I got to feed them! NO JUDGING!!! Yes I’m still an 8yr old at heart!


Just look at the pics and don’t you tell me that you wouldn’t want to cuddle them! oh and surprisingly enough they did NOT smell! I know I know GERMANY is AWESOME!


so after the monkeys and other various animals in the preservation CUTE DUCKS!


We hop back into the van and off to the LAKE we go!


Have I mentioned that we are HUNGRY and slowly fading? We decide to park the car get our stuff for swimming and go find FOOD!

We stop off at this CUTE little cafe and get WONDERFUL food! Despite the waitress speaking NO English we survived and put her mind at ease by speaking what little German we knew! lol All in all it was Fabulous! Now that our bellies are sooo full….We must go put on our swimsuits :/ I mean NBD we all look pregers! lol Hey german boys!!! lol JK


Ok so luckily the only naked people we saw were little kids…so No big deal…However there was an older man who was borderline naked….lets just say speedos are NBD here! lol


We got to lay out in the “German Sun” lol yes its different and it stays out longer! True story based on Real events!

So we could’ve taken a tour of the stone age village, which would’ve been really cool but ….we could take pics just the same and stay in baking in the sun! we choose the baking in the sun! lol We are about all toured out lol …..then of course standard we get Ice cream on our way back to the van! 🙂 It was DELICIOUS!


Then we drive home…by the time we get home we are all hungry so…we decide to on an adventure for food…In which we go by our STANDARD Doner place! lol but this time I try a lamachun which is tortilla wrap covered in what I can best describe as “pizza roll sauce” and lovely german salat lol all wrapped up in DELICIOUSNESS! lol I have found a NEW LOVE sorry, Doner!


Walk back to the hotel and Off to bed 🙂


31 May

Saturday 28th


We catch the bus to go back to the grundschule where our students are putting on a festival about their wind,earth, fire, and water.  We were suppose to dance with them but when we got there we couldn’t find our cooperative teacher.  So we just watched they did a great job! They also sang and did fun little skits while their parent video recorded and watched! they were sooo cute! Then after that they put on a play that was soo cute! All in all they were super cute! lol

Then we left and went back to the hotel. Emily and I went for a run (which by the way if you’ve been keeping up with my blog I’ve been running a lot! I’m just saying)

we found a new path BEAUTIFUL!!! I just absolutely LOVE the landscape! Emily had a semi long run today so we parted ways she went more on the awesome path and I turned around walked/ran back to the hotel and stretched and took some time to myself before I went up to the room…It’s nice to have some alone time to soak everything up!

I then went upstairs to my room and waited for Emily to come back so we could go to the street festival that was going on in Esslingen on the oldest street.  We got a great rockwurst! and 2 pieces of cake! lol it was absolutely FABULOUS!

Then back to the room to nap and catch up on hw/blogging! 🙂

After we woke up from our nap we got ready for the night…aka we got cute and went to dinner at the cafe in the park! Can you tell that we all love the park?! I got a DELICIOUS salad with ham and cheese! and a colawiezer YUM-Tastes like cream soda! lol

We were then suppose to get together with our German friend Ina….but she was sleeping 😦 so we must make our own adventures!

We decide that we should go for a walk and see what comes our way! oh but never did we have this in mind! lol

We walk through the park past the fountain where a group of boys were hanging out….They all began to giggle and say things in german as we passed but it was dark and I didn’t get a good look at them to see if they were worth any of our time…so we kept walking and we saw a swing that we had been DYING to try since we had gotten to Esslingen but all the children had been on it during the day… NOW it was OUR TURN! lol we ran to the swing and began to go back to our childhood days when all of a sudden the swarm of boys from the fountain suddenly were surrounding us!

They turned out to be around 17yrs old…so yes they are boys! lol but they were very funny…one boy who claimed to be turkish was very flirtatious! lol All in good fun tho! they had many good quotes!

lol they had the stereotype of american police they had down from the simpsons! lol and chicago schools are filled with nothing but students with guns…and we still hate england bc we wanted independence! One boy said I LOVE YOU to one of us! lol just randomly blurted it out! lol while another one invited us to the pool where we would wear our bikinis! lol he was very specific on that! oh he was the same one that said that  he was married to all of us! lol

OH what a great time! More adventures to come! 🙂 Goodnight!

Ludwigsburg-Fairytale garden

29 May

Friday- 27th

Today we take the train to Ludwigsburg which is just a 30min train ride! 🙂 It drops us off at the main station where we can catch the bus or we can walk. It’s nice outside so we decide to walk….The main thing that I absolutely love about the culture is that they value their history the roads are still brick and the houses maybe 100s of yrs old but they are still in great condition and gosh its just so BEAUTIFUL!

We come to the palace and woah! it looks like it was just constructed! but its 100s of yrs old! but wow its fabulous! The inside is just as it was in the past looks like no one has touched it! I truly feel like a princess walking through her palace. Basically I was in HEAVEN! lol

Then attached to the palace are many beautiful gardens one of which is called fairytale garden…or something to that effect..Its sooo cool their was a Pinocchio, Rumplestillskin, and Rapunzel..It was so fun I was like a small child again!

We stopped in the garden for cake and coffee! or a sad excuse for coffee and cake! it was cafeteria style and the cake wasn’t the best not bad but I was also STARVING so I went back and had a salad! Delicious! lol

We caught the train back to stuttgart to get some CREPES!!!! DELICIOUS!!! then shop shop shop! then back home to get some delicious DONER….Do NOT judge me! yes I’ve eaten like 20 in the past 2weeks but I have to get my fill b4 I leave bc these delicious things do NOT exist in the US 😦

Then back to esslingen an to bed we go! 🙂


29 May


Standard breakfast before we get on the road…We hop into the van and on our way to Dachou Concentration Camp….

On our way there was a traffic jam on the autobahn like WTF? how does that happen? and every lane  that we switched to ended up being the one that didn’t move! lol



We finally arrive at Dachou…It’s a beautiful day out the sun is shinning and the temperature is beautiful!


We walk along this beautiful path through the woods to the “museum” building where we got our audio guide in English.


We then walk down a path through the woods to the gate in which the prisoners were dropped off by train and lead into the camp.

Above the gate was “Arbeit Macht Frei” which means Work will set you free….If you stomach hasn’t come through your mouth yet it will when you read that gate.


After you pass through the gate, you then come to the part where the prisoners were held to take role you can see the entire prisoner camp from where you stand. All of a sudden the sun doesn’t seem to be shinning and the weather has become cold. You feel a sense of guilt standing there not getting beaten. You can’t help but try to fight back tears of anger, frustration, and sorrow for those who had passed during the time of war.


There are only 2 barracks, where the prisoners had stayed that are still standing for museum purposes the rest of the barrack’s foundations are there to show where they had been and there are information boards to tell you what each barrack had in them.


The main building is still standing there where the soldiers stayed which is now the museum and there is a small movie theatre inside where they show a documentary type film  each hour in different languages different hours.


We saw the film, I won’t go into detail but if the camp hadn’t made you sick the movie will…As you walk through the camp you just imagine from what you’ve gathered from various history books and classes…the movie puts to life and you actually see the truth of the camp.


Dachou was the 1st concentration camp that was built, and it was not intended as a death camp in fact the gas chambers were never actually put to use here.


However, there was a crematorium that was put to use.  They have two on site, bc the 1st one was to small and needed to be larger.


The entire camp, before adding on the concentration camp, the camp was used specifically for training of the SS soldiers.  After the concentration camp was built on the entire camp was  almost half of the city.  People who lived in the town were split into 3 sections, those who knew but profited, those who chose not to know, and those who tried to speak up against it.

There were many propaganda information that would have lead outsiders to believe that the camp was a nice place and that nothing bad was going on. However, even the SS soldiers knew what they were doing was wrong, they all carried poison pills with them if they were ever captured or if by some reason they had been over thrown.


All in all one must NEVER forget what had happened and the concentration camp was very informative as well as eye opening.  I encourage if ever one comes to Germany, if you can stomach it, visit a concentration camp. You begin to view the world completely different.


ON a HAPPIER note!!!!On to Munich!!  🙂

We drive just a bit further and end up in the heart of Munich. We park the car and roam around the city for a bit. Then  we grab something to eat at an authentic bavarian restaurant. FABULOUS potato dumplings!

Then the rest of the time is for SHOPPING! We saw dirndls! and laderhosen for a pretty penny! they were nice to look at though!

There were many cuckoo clock stores and beir stein places! all for a pretty penny!

It looks like rain and is getting late so we should be on our way back to Esslingen!


Kogel (bowling)

29 May


We went back to the Realschule today… This time we met with their student council to get the dirt! lol It was interesting to here what they had to say about the different school systems in Germany and if they liked it…I enjoyed talking with them! They all were great and they had a lot of say in what happened at the school.  They were all trained to be peer mediators as well as acted as a liaison btwn administration and the students.  If a punishment is to harsh the student council can challenge it. How awesome! they actually get a say and their voices are heard!


After the meeting, we all went to different subjects…I wasn’t able to go to I went to an engineer class! it was so cool! it was so neat and tidy also! like NO way would that happen in the states! lol and of course only boys in the class.

Then I went music which was SO AWESOME! They play the harmonica instead of a recorder and they sound so cool! also they do fun rhythm things like clap stomp etc! It was soo fun!


The last class that I ended on was a home ec. class! they were making bags, scarfs, shorts, and other crafty things. It was nice the teacher was so awesome! we got to talk to the only 2 boys in the class they Im pretty sure were in LOVE with us! lol no big deal

Then the subject of Rugby came in to the convo and sure enough NEXT WED I am suppose to be teaching RUGBY! how fun right?! I hope their english is better than my german! I’m horrible I know!


After our classes we walked to the near by bakery to grab some food while our classmate Emily got her lesson ready.  WE came back to our classroom and she taught us stand up, sit down, listen, read, and write.  Then she taught us some clothing! she is a GREAT teacher and we learned sooo much!

then we came back to the hotel dropped off our laundry, went for a run, put the laundry in the dryer and did abs.

Then we came back quick shower to get ready for german bowling called Kogeling!

We had to take the bus to a small town just outside of Esslingen and we went to this cute italian place where we had our own lane/room.  The lane was at one end of the room and the table at the other and you ordered your food and bowled! HOW AWESOME!


Well those of you who know me understand that when I’m hungry I wear out easily and then I go through a quiet phase and then comes STASHA! lol luckily Stasha didnt have to come out but I was quiet/gone crazy! Me and Emily were wasting away!  we ordered bruchetta, gnocci, and gorgonzola pizza! OMG was it FABULOUS! I ate my life away!


Then we literally RAN to the bus stop. Bc if we didn’t catch this bus we had to wait like an hour and something! We caught it!


Then we went to the grocery store stocked up on chocolate and water lol and went to bed!


Realschule – principal-Sport-presentation-Unihorne

29 May


We get to the Realschule and walk into our “meeting room” aka a classroom but they had pretzels, pastries, and drinks waiting for us!


The principal had been sick the night before but had cleaned herself up to meet with us! Like how sweet right?! she was so nice and gave us really good information and was very honest!


Then we got to observe in our subject area and guess what?! this is a SPORT SPECIFIC school! so it was so awesome to observe! they had a track and multiple areas to play. The class I got to observe was on the “tracked” system which means they had 5hrs of PE in a week and they had been picked when in 7th grade that they were athletic enough to go into the “higher or advanced” classes where they are exposed to more games and dont have to wait for those who don’t want to participate! Also I found out that almost everyone in that class was also involved in multiple sport activities outside of school. I was in HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so awesome!

Then we had lunch in the cafeteria and you could choose btwn salad with chicken or fish.  I choose a salad it was SO GOOD! but my friend got fish and I had to sample it, that to was GOOD!

Then back to our classroom to go over presentations that we had prepared.  I got to present on is there room for PE and Sport in German classroom….OBVIOUSLY!!! lol

After all that we squeezed(literally) onto the bus, and every stop before ours more people got on! One stop some kids got off and started fighting like one kid got shoved into my window…It was scary! the bus driver even came off the bus to yell at the boy who had shoved him! but then we got off the bus soon after….


We went for a run this time 2more of our classmates came with us!  I only lasted 20min so me and one of the girls walked a bit but ran more…We all ended up at the park where we stretched and did an abs workout! simply fabulous! I have come to LOVE the park!


then we went back to the hotel and showered.  We then got ready to meet with our prof. Bettina. She had made reservations for a wine cellar it was nearly 700yrs old! it was called Unihorne which means One horn aka Unicorn lol It was DELICIOUS and the service was FABULOUS! We had a blast!